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You were expecting labour to be hard, you knew breastfeeding would be a steep learning curve. You knew that a vaginal birth could change your vagina. But...

Nobody told you that it could feel so overwhelming, and you feel so very different. Nobody told you that your pelvic floor muscles might hardly work afterwards.  It feels so different even heavy and like it will all fall out.

As Amy Dawes of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association said if you have a car accident and you are injured, people don't say at least your car is ok. People often expect you to be greatful for having a healthy baby.  This is invalidating and unfair.

On top of that you are beyond tired, feeling cheated, confused and not sure if you will be able to run after your toddler and what your exercise and family future looks like. 

Firstly, we are so sorry that this happened to you.  

Secondly, you are not making it up. These are understandable and real feelings.

Your pelvic health physiotherapist, family, support network and perhaps your counsellor are vital members of your team now.

You can find out the situation, be given a pelvic floor exercise program and get access to supportive equipment such as electromyographic biofeedback, electrical stimulation or a pessary.

We can guide and support your pelvic floor rehab, return to exercise, throughout your family and future years.

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