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Woman wearing tubigrip

We keep a stock of belts and supports at Innerstrength Healthcare. You can be formally fitted by your physiotherapist in an appointment or our friendly reception staff can assist you. If you know what you want we can post it to you.


This simple and affordable support has been found to reduce low back pain in pregnancy.

We recommend you use it after the birth to help with casearian scar and abdominal muscle support.

It comes in 3 sizes and withstands around 5 washes.

Pelvic Belts

We have selected the most effective and comfortable supports that we could find.

These belts are typically used for those with pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and after.

With pelvic girdle pain the best management is exercise and the belt can support you to keep moving.

We can help you decide if a belt is for you. We'll help you select, fit and provide it.

Woman wearing a pelvic belt