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Perisistent Pelvic Pain is real, we see you and we believe you.
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Pelvic Pain can hold you back.

It can significantly affect all aspects of your life and your ability to enjoy it.

On top of having pelvic pain you have to find the right team that understands your problem and gives you real strategies and hope.

Pelvic pain has only recently become publically acknowledged and is far more common than most people realise.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapists at Innerstrength Healthcare are here to listen and help you understand pelvic pain and ways to rebuild your comfort and confidence.  

It takes around 2 sessions to share your health story, assess your needs and establish your plan.


Success takes time, a caring team, setting realistic goals and dedication to the program.

We also offer an online education course and in person exercise class, you are not alone!

The sooner you can come in and start the sooner you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

So Book Online Now or call Innerstrength Healthcare 03 52297963.

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