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Pelvic Pain Education

IBS, Bladder Pain, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Vulval & Sexual Pain.

This online course explores the non-surgical options to complement your medical plan.

Persistent pelvic pain is a stressful condition. It can affect many aspects of life – mood, relationships, and confidence. In this course, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and meditation teacher, Celia Bolton presents practical strategies and two key ideas.

The first is bioplasticity. Bioplasticity refers to the innate ability of our body to change and adapt according to what we practice most.

The second is threat.  In situations of fear or threat the human body goes into a state of fight flight. In this state of heightened arousal, our protective systems such as the immune, hormonal, nervous and inflammatory systems go into overdrive.  

With persistent pain and other health problems we now understand that these protective systems stay in over-drive. In this case unhelpful bioplasticity, with real pain, spasms, gut and bladder problems, migraines, restless legs, palpitations, foggy brain and real fatigue triggering more threat and the cycle continues.  

This course is designed to support, to empower, to break the cycle.

We build skills to help you feel safe but sore, how to exercise, how to calm your nervous system and feel more in control, how to cope with your symptoms and live a fuller, easier life.

Six weeks of practical content, care and discussion in a small group.


$300 for 6 weeks – Medicare & Private health fund rebates and scholarships may be available


Mondays 5.30pm


Book Now to find a convenient course date or call us on 52297963

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