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Pregnancy Pelvic Floor

It's never too early to start pelvic floor care. Getting to know your pelvic floor now will set you in good stead for after the baby comes.  


Pregnancy can create feelings of pelvic floor weakness, tightness and bladder and bowel problems for various reasons including:

  • Altered diet due to morning sickness,
  • Iron supplements,
  • Softening hormones,
  • Pressure on your bladder, bowel and pelvic floor.


Pelvic floor exercises are for some a little difficult to learn, but don't worry our physiotherapists will help you learn and train your muscles and reduce bladder and bowel problems.


Besides pelvic floor exercises, we can show you how to do perineal massage to protect your perineum during childbirth. We can also give you strategies for after the birth.