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Below are some links to current research underpinning our treatment. Urinary incontinence in women

Prolapse and Incontinence Surgery In Women

Bladder Training

  • Over Active Bladder anticholinergics plus bladder training Cochrane 2006

Post partum Incontinence


Radical Prostatectomy

Multiple Sclerosis

Pregnancy Pelvic Joint Dysfunction

Abdominal Pelvic Supports

  • Pelvic Belts for Symphysis pubis dysfunction Phys Ther 2005
  • Abdominal supports and the severity of pregnancy-related low back pain BJOG 2008

Low back pain 

  • Effect of LBP on inner abdominal muscle control Spine 1996
  • Effect of LBP on normal inner back muscles Spine 1994
  • Long term effect of retraining inner muscles on LBP   Spine 2001
  • Posture and chronic low back pain Spine 2006