A pessary is a soft flexible device you can use to support your vagina and uterus.

Pessaries are now being described as “a sports bra for my vagina.”

A pessary is made of medical grade silicone, low-allergy material with antibacterial properties.

A pessary can be a life changing experience if you are bothered by vaginal heaviness or bulging during exercise and daily life.

A pessary cannot be ‘lost’ in your vagina.

Pessaries are one part of the total treatment of prolapse which includes lifestyle changes and pelvic floor exercises.

It may be necessary to have a few fittings to get the correct style /size for you. A successfully fitted pessary will be hardly noticeable, pain free and comfortable.

When fitted correctly it will stay in all by itself and you can easily empty your bladder and bowel.



$350 for fitting and pessary. 

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