Online Pelvic Pain Program

IBS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Vulval Pain, Sexual Pain.

 This online course explores the non-surgical options to complement your medical plan.

Persistent Pain is a stressful condition. It can affect many aspects of life – mood, relationships, confidence. In this course Physiotherapist Celia Bolton and Psychologist Jo Sheedy present the neuroscience, treatment ideas, tips, options, strategies and answers to your questions.

 A key reason why this course can help relates to a key aspect of our nervous system. That is, neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the innate ability of our nervous system to change and adapt according to what we practice most. This evolutionary feature is related to efficiency and is mostly a good thing. Can you imagine if we kept driving a car the way we do at the start when learning?

 With pain this means our nervous systems get good at doing pain. This means we need strategies to re-wire. These strategies need to be both physical (physio) and brain-based (psychology). Knowledge is power.

 We will discuss ways to help your nervous system feel safer, help move your attention away from pain, how to exercise safely, how to use your mind to help your nervous system feel safer and more in control, how to cope with your symptoms and live a fuller, easier life.

 Six weeks of content, care and discussion in a small group.

You attend online under an alias and with video off to ensure confidentiality.




$300 for 6 weeks – Medicare & private health fund rebates may be available


 Tuesday evenings 7.15-8.45pm


 20th April – 25th May

20th July – 24th August

19th October – 23th November


 Call Innerstrength Healthcare on 52297963