Pro-Active Pelvic Program

We care about your persistent pelvic pain at Innerstrength Healthcare.

We understand that you may have experienced fear,  frustration, isolation and  invalidation. That’s why we created Pro-Active.

Pro-Active is an exercises-based class, specific for people experiencing and sick of pelvic pain such as heavy periods, cramps, IBS, Bloating, Endo, Adeno, Vulvodynia, tight pelvic floor, intimate pain, sitting pain, bladder pain, urgency and constipation.

In a supportive environment you will explore exercise, mind and body strategies and non-surgical management options to complement your medical plan.

No matter where you are at, this is a great place to experience individualised exercise and connection with others in a safe space. Either as a start to exercise, recommencing exercise or complimenting your current exercise with better pelvic awareness.  You can move your body in a way that feels good and to explore movement with no pressure or expectations. 

We combine science, neuroscience Yoga poses, Clinical Pilates, Pelvic Floor, Bladder and Bowel Rehab as well as mindfulness based strategies to refresh, restore, refine your mind-body connection.

Pro-Active is not only designed to help you move your body during the class but to give you tools you can use at home.

Pelvic pain rehab has a maximum of 5 people, is run on a weekly basis and is led by our physiotherapist Alice.



$35 – Private health fund rebates may be available


 Mondays 5.30 pm


 Call Innerstrength Healthcare on 52297963