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Better Bladder Control

Director of Innerstrength Healthcare and Pelvic Health Physio, Celia Bolton empowers you to prevent and manage bladder problems
These live events allow plenty of time for confidential questions.

You will learn tips and strategies based on current research.
Over 4 hours of content which usually costs $500. Skip Celia’s wait list, jump online for an easy hour in the evening.

Molly said
”Sometime it’s hard to find the time & it’s hard to take that first step. This course is the perfect place to start. Celia creates a comfortable place in which she shares her boundless knowledge.This was the first step in taking back control of my bladder and if I do have further problems & can’t get on top of it, I feel comfortable in the fact that with Celia we would find a solution. Just what I needed!’

Celia Bolton

Topics you will cover

  • What’s normal
  • How to empty your bladder
  • How much water to drink
  • Does caffeine matter?
  • Do a bladder diary and improve your habits.
  • How to deal with a strong urge.
  • Your pelvic floor’s role and how to train and use it.
  • How to prevent exercise related leakage
  • Lots of tips, trick, equipment and other treatment options

Who is Better Bladder Control for?

  • Men
  • Women
  • Pre & Postnatal

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IBS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Vulval Pain, Sexual Pain this online course explores the non surgical options to complement your medical plan.
Persistent Pain is a stressful condition and Physiotherapist Celia Bolton and Psychologist Jo Sheedy present, the neuroscience, treatment ideas, tips, options, discussions and answers to your questions. 6 weeks of content care and discussion in a small group. You attend under an alias and with video off to ensure confidentiality.