physiotherapy care of your whole body during pregnancy

During pregnancy we know lasting changes occur in your whole body. If you are experiencing pregnancy aches and pains we can help! We can ease your back, shoulder, neck, pelvic, groin, buttock and leg aches and pains. We can assist with wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome. We provide an individual assessment of your

  • posture,
  • abdominal muscle separation,
  • pelvic stability,
  • muscle balance and
  • Inner strength.

We use many techniques

  • massage,
  • core stabilisation group, aquatic or home exercise,
  • trigger point therapy,
  • dry needling,
  • muscle energy and
  • McKenzie techniques
  • Ultrasound imaging for accurate assessment and core stabilisation.
  • Practical Advice for looking after yourself through daily activities

We have a range of support products to make you more comfortable whilst you move. Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly?

  • We can assess your pelvic floor using Real Time Ultrasound.
  • This is a non-invasive way to assess you pelvic floor function and teach you how to do the exercises effectively.
  • This will reassure you and help manage or prevent bladder and bowel problems that can be associated with pregnancy and birth.

At Inner Strength Physiotherapy, we understand that exercise is difficult when you are a parent. We also know that exercise is important for the health of both you and your baby as being active can help prevent health problems and reduce your child’s risk of obesity.

We can provide you with exercise DVDs, advice and classes for safe exercise during pregnancy. Your baby and children are most welcome to this service. We make it easy by providing a kid’s care room, high chairs, rocker, enclosed play area, toys, colouring-in and portable DVD player with shows.
We have a Birth Confidence workshop, TENS for labour and relaxation CD to help you approach the birth in a more positive way. We also supply an excellent baby sling to help you care for your back whilst caring for your baby. Clinical Pilates at Inner Strength Physiotherapy is another excellent way for you to emerge from aches and pains, pelvic floor related problems and to return to your chosen sport after childbirth.