physiotherapy for chronic back and pelvic pain

We know:

  • Why many therapists and therapies offer temporary relief.
  • That recent pain research shows that it can be treated through education.

We offer:

  • Detailed accurate assessment using real time ultrasound and
  • Our treatment hits the mark.

You may:

  • be asked to do simple gentle exercises that work your brain more than your body.
  • be asked to repeat these exercises very often.
  • have significant improvements within three treatments.
  • need to hire a stabilizer biofeedback.
  • be asked to read a book called “Explain Pain” if your pain is severe and or chronic.

Your baby and children are most welcome to all services. We make it easy by providing a kid’s care room, high chairs, rocker, enclosed play area, toys, colouring-in and portable DVD players with shows.

Clinical Pilates at Inner Strength Physiotherapy is an excellent way for you to emerge from aches and pains, pelvic floor related problems and to return to your chosen sport after childbirth.