frequently asked questions

Do I have to attend 6 exercise classes in a row with outdoor or water aerobics classes?
No. In the postnatal outdoor exercise group and water aerobics classes we have more flexibility with numbers. You must purchase 6 sessions, but they do not have to be taken in a row.

When should I book in for my TENS machine?
Book as soon as possible as they are very popular. You should book your appointment for when you are 38 weeks pregnant. You then hire and keep the machine for 4 weeks.

Do I need a referral? No. Do I have to have a vaginal assessment?
No, however full assessment does help with treatment of bladder and bowel troubles.

Do you accept veteran’s affairs, work cover and TAC clients?
Only veteran’s affairs.

Do I need to come with a full bladder?
Yes, if we are treating your back pain or any pelvic floor problems.

Should I come if I have my period?
Yes. If you have a question which is not answered here please free to ask us.