Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehab at Inner Strength Physiotherapy is an excellent way for you to emerge from aches and pains, pelvic floor related problems and to return to your chosen sport after childbirth.

At Inner Strength Physiotherapy, we understand that exercise is difficult when you are a parent. We also know that exercise is important for the health of both you and your baby as being active can help prevent health problems and reduce your child’s risk of obesity.

When you have spinal or pelvic joint pain, bladder or bowel problems or are just recovering after childbirth, usually poor control and lack of endurance of your pelvis and spinal muscles is the hidden underlying problem. With the focus now on control of muscle rather than strength, a “new” approach to retraining of muscle has seen increased interest in Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates uses equipment called a reformer and trapeze table. With gravity, resistive springs and your own body weight there are a huge variety of exercises that gently challenge your ability to control your spine and pelvis.

The exercises are slow, repetitive with a low effort and resistance. Each exercise once mastered can be progressively altered from a very low level for someone who is weakened by pain, reduced fitness or bed rest, to a higher level for someone aiming for a return to elite sport. To ensure the best outcome from Clinical Pilates we start with an individual assessment where you will be taught how to contract your inner muscles together – your deep abdominal muscle (transversus abdominus or TA) at the same time as lifting your pelvic floor.

When you can do this reliably you are ready for individual Clinical Pilates on the reformer. Once you are confident with the exercises you can join a Clinical Pilates class that will have a maximum of 5 participants in it. Your baby and children are most welcome to all services. We make it easy by providing a kid’s care room, high chairs, rocker, enclosed play area, toys, colouring-in and portable DVD players with shows.

We require you to have 3 individual sessions to set up your new program if you are new to Clinical Pilates. Groups have a maximum of 4 and are lead by physiotherapists.

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